Apr 8, 2016

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South park facebook episode review

spfbFinally, a decent episode of South Park this season. The show decided to skewer Facebook last week, and it’s arguably a little stale, but the show managed to keep things fresh, and it was fairly enjoyable.When we first see the boys, Kyle is playing Farmville on Facebook and everyone but Stan is quickly getting into the craze that is Facebook. Stan refuses to be sucked into the craze, despite the claims that it won’t happen. But he’s finally forced to do so when a profile is created for him, and people start adding him as a friend and complaining when Stan doesn’t respond. Cartman says Stan could just be like Kip Drordy, a kid with no Facebook friends at all. His character has created a bit of a firestorm on Facebook in real life. To promote the episode, South Park created a fan page dedicated to Kip, and at time of writing, he has over 107,000 fans. The reason being, Kip is a depressed, miserable looking kid without a friend in the world, and when Kyle friends him out of pity, he is ecstatic. He tells his parents he’s made a new friend (forgetting to mention its through Facebook), and when his parents ask him about Kyle, he lists what Kyle has written in his Interests. Throughout the episode, Kip makes remarkably simple and obvious status updates, and every interaction Kyle has, Kip reports or responds to, even going as far as taking his computer to the movies to say he’s “at the movies with my friend Kyle.” The real Kip Drordy fan page has similar status updates, and even remarkably lamer comments from HUNDREDS of people each. Anyway, Randy, Wendy, Jimbo, Stan’s grandmother and even random passersby on the street begin yelling at Stan for his negligence on Facebook. Out of a frustrated compliance, Stan forces himself to comment, chat, like, poke, update relationship statuses, all that good stuff. The episode is a somewhat pointed look at how Internet interactions have in ways become more important than regular communication, but whatever. Stan stumbles across Cartman’s podcast, which is a brilliant Jim Kramer’s Mad Money spoof in which he instructs his audience on who to friend and who to dump. This week, Cartman has named Kyle as a tanking friend because of his pity friendship with Kip. Kyle comes to Stan torn apart at his lack of friends left on Facebook, and he begs Stan to tend to his farm on Farmville. Eventually, Stan literally gets sucked into Facebook when he tries to delete his profile and his computer refuses to let him do it. A laser comes out from the webcam and takes him into the Tron-esque Game-Grid (“Legacy” this December!) where he’s forced to play Yahtzee for survival. As it turns out, this online universe is composed of profile look-a-likes in a giant community, and Stan needs to locate his own profile in order to make it back outside. As this is happening, Kyle turns to Cartman for help on how to get friends back, and he turns him to ChatRoulette. Yes! This is supposed to help Kyle find friends that have never heard of Kip, but he finds mostly penises and guys masturbating. Cartman’s words of wisdom have never rung truer. “Kyle, this is the way the world works. If you want to find quality friends, you gotta wade through all the dicks first.” Back in the world of Facebook, Stan tracks down his profile in a giant chat room. His profile has become a massive entity, the largest on Facebook, and the profile challenges Stan the real person to a game of Yahtzee. Stan gets a yahtzee in one round, the profile is defeated and Stan is returned to the real world. But where did all of Stan’s friends go you ask? Why, to Kip Drordy’s profile. Great episode. My status will read, “Brian Welk hopes the 200th episode is as good as the Facebook one!” Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central This post first appeared on The indiana daily student news and later on Drugs are bad mkay.

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Jan 30, 2016

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The Benefits Of A Wireless Thermostat

tmstLying in a hammock, watching a favorite movie on your tablet with one foot in the warm sand and a nice cool breeze to sooth our souls sounds wonderful but the reality is not all of us are lucky to be in a beautiful vacation spot everyday. We do however have the ability to control the temperature in our home environment, with ever improving technology offering options to keep us in comfort while not breaking the bank. One of these innovations in technology is a wireless thermostat. Simple in design and effectiveness, we will discuss the benefits of installing one in your home.

First off, let us clarify that a wireless thermostat is not an internet (also called wifi) thermostat although the latter can incorporate wireless technology as well. An internet thermostat is more for those who need access to their thermostat in order to adjust settings through the internet while they are away which can be very useful for vacation homes or landlords. The perceived downfall of these devices is the possibility of an outsider gaining access to your climate control system which hasn’t been a problem from our experience. Regardless, understand technology is always improving and something one should be aware of.

So the primary reason one would consider upgrading to new technology is mainly to take more control of their utility bills. Older mechanical thermostat units rely on coils and mercury-filled glass vials to monitor temperature which in today’s standards is pretty unreliable. Being totally electronic, a wireless thermostat has the benefit of being very accurate with most models being programmable.

What this means is one is able on average to program for the week a schedule that would take into account when no one is really in the home as well as particular temperatures at different times of the day. Used in tandem with modern HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units which contain air purification systems, one can also program the fans to circulate air at pre-determined intervals thus cleaning the air and avoiding that “stale” air feeling when one comes home.

A wireless unit also doesn’t require one to remove or replace any wires when upgrading an old unit. Installation is simple and this in itself is wonderful but the real benefit is being able to place the thermostat in a more convenient location, where regulating temperatures is more useful like the family room or other common occupied areas. By placing it in a more useful place versus where it may have been previously such as near a door, window or any potentially drafty or less useful area, you will immediately see the value of your HVAC system running more efficiently.

Last but not least, some wireless thermostat models may also come with a control module which allows you to bring it with you wherever you are. Now one can be comfortable no matter where in the home you are located and it’s as simple as operating a television remote.

As one can see, although upgrading to the best thermostat unit might seem an expense, the benefits of increased comfort and long term savings in the near future are a compelling reason to do so.

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Jan 16, 2016

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Gun Safe Accessories Help With Gun Safety At Home

Purchasing a gun safe is a great first step to firearm safety in your home, but keeping your safe well organized is just as important.  Luckily,there are tons of different types of accessories available on the market, and you have come to the right place to discover which products you need, and which are a waste of time, money, and effort. If you are looking for durable gun safe you can take a look at reviews listed in various sites like these. If you a looking to expand your knowledge of safe accessories then this article is the perfect place to begin, and will help you explore the many additions you can make to your gun safe.

1) Safe Lighting 2) Gun Organizers 3) Safe Dehumidifiers 4) Rifle Rods 5) Pistol Hangars and Racks 6) And even more.

Safe Lighting

If your accessing your safe early in the morning before a hunting trip, or late at night during an emergency, then you obsolutely need safe Lighting. If your safe does not come with lighting already installed, consider a small safety light that can be easily included in the back wall or base of your safe. Users have been happy with the safety lights sold by Cannon Safe and Browning, but are also several other cheap motion sensor LED lights which attach themselves magnetically and contain lots of battery life, so that you will not have to worry about replacing it too often. These easy to install lights are available for purchase on amazon.

Safe Door Organizer


A door panel organizer is a great way to save space and keep your gun safe organized. If you have a decent collection of firearms then having a door organizer is a necessity.  Just be sure to find a size that matches your safe. Most organizers attach easily to the door of the safe, allowing you extra room on the shelves or inside of your safe. Keep handguns, pistols and other items safely stored on the door, or you can  also store cleaning supplies, or important documents such as passports, licenses, and other paperwork. Being able to quickly take an inventory of your guns is a necessary part of firearm safety in the home, and so we recommend door panel organizers created by the experts at Cannon Safe and Lockdown.  Customers love their high quality products which can easily be found online.

Dehumidifiers – Essential Gun Safe Accessories

If you live in a humid area along the coastline, or in a bayou dehumidifiers are a must for protecting your investment in firearms.  These gun safe accessories remove moisture that can gather in small, enclosed areas. You will not need to worry about mold, mildew, or other types of rot growing on your guns, ammunition, weapons, and other items that you store in your safe. They come in various types and Quality dehumidifiers, such as those made by Eva-Dry, Browning and Cannon Safe are easy to install, and some even work off their own renewable energy and do not require any kind of power in order to operate. Everyone should invest in a least one, but if you live in an area like the aforementioned bayou, you will want to buy a larger dehumidifer. The great news is they are an inexpensive purchase, and you can find a great product by both Eva-Dry and Cannon Safe for around $25.00.41nP0-vJBFL._SL500_AA300_

Rifle Rods

As mentioned before organization of your firearms is an important part of gun safety in your home, and rifle rods are great way to organize your rifles. The rods help to hold rifles of various sizes in place, so that they are not easily knocked around. Obviously, this prevents damage to your investment, but more importantly as Jack Burton author of, Gun Safe Haven suggests, rifle rods do such a great job of organizing your safe that they insure that you won’t need to buy a second vault.

Pistol Hangars and Racks

Opening up your gun safe to view your row of pistols displayed at on the top shelf, is a thing of beauty.  But these hangars and racks also save space in your safe and keep all of your pistols visible and easily accessible. Look for a product that is made with vinyl coated metal for extra durability and ease. The most popular hangar, made by Gun Storage Solutions, holds up to four pistols or handguns. Another brand that customers love is Magnum, and they offer hangars that hold a single pistol or multiple handguns.  Read more about pistol hangars here.

While many gun safes come with built in racks to help you organize your collection of rifles, others do not, and so finding the perfect rack for your safe could be key, if your not big on the rifle rod approach mentioned above. Another Idea you may want to consider is having a magnetic rifle rack placed outside your safe.  This seems a little counter intuitive, but it can be a great place to rest a rifle while organizing your safe, or other such activities.

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Dec 31, 2015

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Home Remedies for Plumbing, Painting & Lawn Problems

Many a times, one would come across situations at home which need immediate attention but people tend to ignore due to their inability to handle such problems themselves and at the same time hiring a professional seems way too costly for such petty works. So they end up developing it into a rather bigger problem and shelling out huge sums to get them fixed. This blog is aimed at providing home remedies and easy to do quick fix solutions to such problems which will help you educate on all such DIY jobs and in the course will save your money as well. The majority of such problems pertain to Plumbing, Kitchen, Electrical or Lawn. You can handle all such stuff if you follow the points mentioned in this blog. Replicate them and share them to help people get the maximum out of it.

Some Quick Fix Home Solutions

Open a clogged bathtub drain: just put 3 or 4 cups of Clorox Bleach in the drain, let sit for 2 hours or even overnight, and your drain should be opened.

Clean the inside of your dishwasher by putting 2 cups of white vinegar in with your regular wash cycle.

Insulation With a Sealer Kit: Prevent outside air from entering through outlets and light switch covers by insulating them with a sealer kit. You can get this at your home improvement store in the electric department.

Lube garage door opener track and door track with white lithium grease; it comes in a spray. This will make your door opener last a lot longer. It works best and comes in hundreds of colors. Do it once and never do it again. Works on doors, windows, and much more.

Strayer - Plumbing
Water shut off valve: Before using it, spray penetrating oil on the stem and valve. Wait 15 minutes and then use it. It should not leak.

Pre-Emergent weed control before the ground thaws: Mix one cup of baby shampoo, one cup of hydrogen peroxide, four tablespoons of instant tea and one cup of ammonia. Mix well and put it in hose feeder. Using the water hose, spray the mixture on your own lawn.

Furnace tip! Change the filter. It helps you breathe better, it also helps the furnace breathe better. Check the exhaust and flue pipes; if they are old and rusty, change them right away.

Painting tips: Start with a quality product/paint, this is so important ALL qaulity paints cost more, but they cover the surface much better and they last at least twice as long. You get what you pay for. Just think of the time you save by not having to re-paint as often.

Stain your deck, fence, or wood surfaces instead of painting them. Stained wood lasts longer than painted wood.

1) Power wash before you stain!

2) Use a stain, semi-transparent stain, or a solid-color stain. Put a flashlight by your fuse box.

Clean a garbage disposal with two handfuls of ice and one lemon. Cut the lemon into eight pieces, put a handful of ice and four lemon wedges into the disposal and run it, and then repeat.

Make a Tool Organizer Yourself: Every house needs a bucket boss. It is a tool organizer that fits a 5 gallon bucket and features a total of 56 pockets inside and out for all your tools. This should help you keep all your day to day tools organied in a designated place. So the next time you find any job which can be fixed at home without having to bother about calling in a professional, reach out for your tool kit and get on the job.

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